Sunday, January 19, 2014

Movie Review - Nebraska

While we were in Portland during our honeymoon, somehow, we were able to sneak in a movie. I am not sure when but it happened.

The movie we saw was called Nebraska. Oh my goodness, I just loved this movie. It is all in black and white and is just so artistic and beautifully shot.

I saw this movie quite a while ago so I am going to do my best to retell it however I am sure I am going to make many mistakes. The story line focuses around an older man who is experiencing some forms of dementia and alcohol issues. He receives a Publisher's Clearing House scam letter in the mail telling him that he has won one million dollars. This whole movie revolves around the man and his son's adventures traveling to go claim his supposed prize.

I found it to have a sweet and sentimental message hidden throughout all of sarcastic wit and dry humor. I really enjoyed it and the mom in the movie is a real scene stealer, haha, I still laugh thinking of some of the things that she does.

Go see it or rent it, you won't regret it!

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