Monday, January 13, 2014

Honeymoon - San Fran Day 2

Day two of our honeymoon was busy! We did the ultimate San Francisco touristy things and loved every minute of it. We finally figured out the transportation system (no more walking on steep hills!) and decided to hit up the trolley museum because a friend of mine said it was worth a visit. It was interesting and better yet it was FREE!  We then got off at Lombard Street because that's just what you do and had to fight off tourists from many different nations for a somewhat decent picture of this curvy road. Haha, all of my other pictures have families posing together. We bought one of those bus tours which was expensive but totally worth the money because we got to go to all of the touristy destinations that we wanted to and it kind of acted as day long transportation for hopping on and off all over the city so I like to think it was a good investment. :)
It took us everywhere and it had a little audio tour along with it. I remember that it was freeeeeezing! This Phoenician was not prepared for the super cold double decker situation that we were in. Luckily the sun would come out every now and then and warm us up. I think my favorite part was driving over the Golden Gate Bridge; I am absolutely fascinated by huge industrial structures and was completely enamored with the bridge. It was really windy, note the hair in our picture down below, my bangs were not exactly flattering looking there.
We then went to Chinatown and had the BEST pork buns I have ever had (ok wait, I don't think I have ever had a pork bun, so scratch that). You have to walk past the touristy part into Chinatown. By this Chinatown, I mean that no one speaks English and you have to point to strange looking dough balls that you saw other people pointing to and order with your fingers holding up a two. Good Mong Kok Bakery had a long line so I knew it would be good. The best part? I think they were like $3 or something ridiculous like that and it ended up being the best thing that we ate throughout our whole trip! Of course I didn't take a picture of them, that would just be too reasonable and helpful for this pork bun narration.

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