Sunday, January 18, 2015

Chairish Styleboard

I have a lot of wannabe personalities and aspirations...

Some days I want to be like the Pioneer Woman and live on a ranch with my family, homeschool my nonexistent children, and let George take care of the cows.  Does George know how to take care of cows? No. Does he have any desire to take care of anything bovine related? No.

Other days I want to live in a vintage refurbished trailer on the road with George living off the fat of the land.  Nothing but me (well and George, and the chihuahuas, well you get the point...) and the road - cruising my very own paved road of dreams. But then I remember that I need to make money some how and that you can't really live off the fat of the land if you are driving a gas hog all the time. 

Moving on to my point, another dream is that I wish I were talented enough to be an interior designer. However, I have no idea what I am doing and certainly don't even pretend to be as talented as say Emily Henderson (my decorating idol!), but I do enjoy it.  I am in the process of completing of a mini redo of my living room and am having so much fun with it.  

When Chairish contacted me about doing a styleboard based on a rug of my choosing, I was so excited to start and let my creative juices flow!  Chairish is an online company that makes it fun and easy for design lovers, like myself, to shop for vintage and used furniture.  I am a sucker for vintage goods and love the mix of new and vintage in a room.

Here is my style board...

The rug that I selected to focus my style board around was this beautiful Missoni octagonal rug.  I loved the jewel tones in it and decided to focus on picking up the green accents in the rug.   
All rugs at Chairish are available to view here.

This was so much fun to do!  Do any of you ever make style or mood boards for fun or before you start designing a room?  If you don't you should!