Tuesday, August 4, 2015

But It's A Dry Heat...

You guys... it's really hot here. I know everyone says that in the summer, but here in Phoenix it is REALLY hot. Today I was in and out of volcanic cars all day long and I thought I was going to burst into flames.

I'm so glad that I have gotten a few choice items recently that make the summer slightly more bearable.  I bought this beautifully flouncy cardigan from Modcloth recently and it is everything that I wanted and more for the summer. It's light enough where I hardly notice I am wearing it, but covers enough so that I am not constantly stressing out my cafeteria lady arms.

Also the fabulous people at Jord sent me a beautifully made wooden watch - in love! What I love about it the most is that is so light because it is made from wood. All of their watches are completely swoon worthy. Normally I am not a watch person because I am constantly flicking it on my wrist trying to get it comfortable and not to stick to my skin in this heat, but this one is for keeps people.

Cardigan from Modcloth; Jeans from Torrid; Glasses from Bonlook; Watch c/o Wood Watches by Jord; Necklace by The Shine Project 

I started work this past week and this weekend was filled with everything I didn't get to doing during the week. It's amazing when mundane errands like going to the bank, post office, or grocery store end up being your whole weekend! Luckily I got to see an old friend this morning for breakfast and catching up is the best. :)

Have a wonderful week friends! Wooden Watches For Sale