Sunday, February 26, 2012

Vocabulary and More Vocabulary!

Get ready! Your vocabulary word wall is about to grow big time... I have posted them before one at a time, but now I am just going to plunk them all down so that you can download them all at once. Just remember to only use them for you and don't distribute to anyone else. :)

These cards are multiplication, GCF/LCM, and beginning of fractions.

More vocabulary words for fractions!
Here are vocabulary cards for algebra concepts.
More algebra vocab cards!
Area and Perimeter:
Ratio Vocab Cards:
Probability Vocab Cards:
Click any of these to download through Google Docs. I hope you all can use these in your classroom! More to come later.  Have a good rest of your weekend!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

TSW Craftiness

Feeling a little bored this weekend and want something crafty to do??
We are in the middle of an instructional audit at our school and one of the things they keep mentioning is to write your objective on the white board. I know a lot of teachers do this, but I had managed to escape the requirements of needing to do that for many years until now.  Ah the good ole days....
I found these wooden letters at Michaels, I think they were maybe like a $1 for each letter (2 in a pack, make one for a friend!).

All you need are a few cute scrapbooking papers and a little mod podge and you my friend are ready to craft!
I just painted the sides of the letters, traced the letter on to the scrapbook paper and cut it out, mod podged it on, and BAM! Done!  Don't forget to stick a magnet on the back so it can float with ease on your white board.

And now those pesky objectives are just a little easier to write now. Haha, well, you don't have to write TSW every time. 3 less letters!

 Happy crafting!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Just A Quickie

This week has been crazy! I did my student led conferences and will blog about that later this week. They went so great! I can't believe I haven't been doing them this whole time.
I am loving that it is Sunday and my house is quasi clean, my laundry is done, I have grocery shopped for the week, AND I still have today and tomorrow to just enjoy my days off.
Alright, now to get down to business here. I have a very wise instructional specialist who told me my first year of teaching that I only called on the kids whose hands were raised. I didn't even realize I was doing it!  I still do this accidentally, but to hold the kids accountable I have a few tips. 

Pick-a-Student Can:
I know a lot of us have these cans with the popsicle sticks in them. I had to label mine because I have two different classes.
Looks like these have seen better days! They get used a lot!

I also have a toilet paper tube in each one. I start off the day with all of the popsicle sticks in the center and as I call on the students I put them to the outside of the tube so I can control the probability a little bit. It works great!

Smart Board Spinner:
I am so fortunate to have a Smart Board and so I am able to use the spinner. The kids absolutely love this and it is so easy to create. I already have the tables numbered and then I number off the students according to their seats. If there aren't 4 to a table, then some students are assigned two numbers. This could easily be made into a spinner with the total number of students on it if you don't have tables.
Have a great rest of your 3 day weekend!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Student Led Conferences

Help my fellow bloggers! I am doing student led conferences for the first time and I need some good ideas. Have any of you ever done them before? Any tips or helpful hints?  Thanks!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


  I love it when Farley puts out her Currently templates. I'm linking up y'all! Happy Tuesday!