Saturday, February 25, 2012

TSW Craftiness

Feeling a little bored this weekend and want something crafty to do??
We are in the middle of an instructional audit at our school and one of the things they keep mentioning is to write your objective on the white board. I know a lot of teachers do this, but I had managed to escape the requirements of needing to do that for many years until now.  Ah the good ole days....
I found these wooden letters at Michaels, I think they were maybe like a $1 for each letter (2 in a pack, make one for a friend!).

All you need are a few cute scrapbooking papers and a little mod podge and you my friend are ready to craft!
I just painted the sides of the letters, traced the letter on to the scrapbook paper and cut it out, mod podged it on, and BAM! Done!  Don't forget to stick a magnet on the back so it can float with ease on your white board.

And now those pesky objectives are just a little easier to write now. Haha, well, you don't have to write TSW every time. 3 less letters!

 Happy crafting!

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