Monday, June 30, 2014

Phone Photo Time Warp Part 1

I haven't blogged in a while. Want to know the real reason why? I had accidentally misplaced my camera battery charger. I know, I know - you can still post without photos, but it just didn't feel right.  But good news! My husband found it so hopefully I will be back in business soon!

Recently I ran into a little hiccup with my phone and had to download all of my photos on to my computer to make more "digital room". I had close to 900 pictures on my phone. Ridiculous. I thought I would pick out a select few and do a couple of time warps. Does anyone else have that song "Time Warp" from Rocky Horror Picture Show pop into your head when you use that term? Just me?

OK here we go - time warp commencing...



Friday, June 13, 2014

Five for Friday

Whew - what a week! I'm so excited about telling my big news towards the end!  You'll just have to wait until the very end to find out!!

My mom is doing so much better from her stint in the hospital last week! I am so thankful and hope that she continues to get better quickly.  I will be back in Texas in a few weeks so luckily it won't be too long in between visits.  :)

I drove back from Texas on Wednesday and saw the most beautiful sunset ever! Sunsets are so magical to me and completely take my breath away.  It definitely made the drive a little less unbearable.

We went and saw Neighbors yesterday and went grocery shopping together for an impromptu day date. When did seeing a movie and grocery shopping become a day date? I guess this is what happens when you get older.  George and I love going grocery shopping together - does that make us dorks?

I have gotten a slew of new cookbooks lately and am excited to sit down today and scan through them today. Have any of you cooked with these before?

OK, so now here is the big announcement.  Haha it's probably only really that exciting for me, but big news none the less!

A few months ago I took a plunge and apply to be a Curriculum and Instructional Coach to see where it would land me.

My interview was early last week right before I left for Texas and I accepted the official offer on Monday!!! I still can't believe I won't be in the classroom next year. I need to go pack up my classroom sometime next week - whew that's going to be a doozy!  I know I am going to miss the kids and my coworkers, but I was ready for a change and am excited for new challenges and opportunities.  I am not sure what direction the blog will take but I am excited to be able to dive into multiple grade levels and be able to blog about a wide variety of topics!

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Monday, June 9, 2014

Monday Meet Me

I just found The Teaching Tribune's Monday Meet Me and love it! I love finding new blogs to follow and let's get real here people, everyone loves a linky party.  

I teach 6th Grade science and social studies in Peoria, Arizona and I just love this grade level. The kids understand wit and humor, but let's face it, are still babies. I know some people are horrified of teaching middle school, but the students are really just tall kindergarteners.  To be perfectly honest, I admire lower grade teachers SO much because I could never do that! I always picture cat herding in my head; you all are so patient to teach the wee ones.  

I have two chihuahua mixes that we rescued from the animal shelter. It's funny because I am actually not that fond of the chihuahua breed, but there are so many unwanted little chihuahuas here in Phoenix we just had to do it. They are our little sugar plums! :)

I watch way more TV than I would like. Please don't picture me as this couch potato that sits and watches TV all day with bits of Cheetos stuck in my greasy hair. It's not that bad, just more than I would like. Half the time it's just background noise for me, but I am going to try this summer to cut it down. 

We purchased a record player a year ago and we have absolutely love having it. I like to play records when we are cooking, eating dinner, or just hanging around at home. My husband and I also love to have day dates where we go record hunting in antique/thrift stores so it's become our "thing". 

The others are pretty self explanatory. :)  I can't wait to meet some of you via this linky party! 

Snapshots from the Week

This week I headed to Austin to help out my parents. My sweet mama landed herself in the hospital so I have been trying to assist wherever I can.  I can't even begin to tell you how scary it is to have someone who you love in the hospital, but I am sure everyone reading this knows how that feels.  Life is such a precious gift and I think it takes instances like this to realize how blessed we are.  Since I left from home in kind of a rush, I don't have anything to participate for Monday Made It.  I thought I would share some random snapshots from my week. I do miss my 365 Project that I had started earlier this year. I wish I could start that up again, but that seems a little odd if I am missing a good 60 days haha!  It's a rainy, snuggly day here in Austin. :)

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Electricity Unit Resources

Don't you just love when you find resources in the most unlikely of places?

If you teach 4th or 6th grade (and really any other grade level where you teach electricity), these will be like gold to you! APS (Arizona Public Service) is an electricity company here in Arizona and they have created these great informative power points about renewable and non-renewable energy that I have used in my classroom.  

Unfortunately I can't find where these great power points are sourced from since the links seems to be broken, but this is where they were originally downloaded from. 

What I love about these is that they have notes with additional information so that you can learn more and it also sometimes adds in activities that you can do as well. 

APS has power points for...

Just click on the pictures or titles to download. Even though they look the same because they have the same introductory title slide, they are all different and fabulous. I hope you enjoy!