Sunday, June 1, 2014

Currently June

I didn't even know it was June 1st!  It came so quickly!

I always love Farley's Currently designs - every month they just get cuter and cuter.

Yikes! This show is so creepy! My husband has it on and I am not really watching it but there has definitely been some visuals/screams/creepy noises that have caused me to look up every now and then. I'm totally going to have nightmares tonight!

My husband and I have a new plan going right now - if I cook, he cleans, if he cooks, I clean. We will see how long it lasts but tonight he cleaned! ;)

I think French macarons are so beautiful.
I have heard they are pretty difficult to make, but would still love to try. Have any of you made them and have a really great recipe?

I usually am not someone who desires a beach vacation - usually I like city vacations. Lately, I have been craving just being whisked away to a remote beach. No cell phones, no internet; just me, my husband, a beach, and a good book.

I am doing curriculum writing for the next two weeks and have an early start time of 8:00 AM which after sleeping in for a week I need to definitely set an alarm!

1.  I have the fabric, I have a sewing machine - I might as well make it when I have the time.
2.  I want to make these honeycomb shelves for my dining room. I just love them!
3.  I want to lose weight - just really any weight. I don't want to put a specific number on it, I just want to be healthy and feel healthy.

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  1. My family adores those french macaroons. There's a pastry chain that sells them, I think they even ship them, it's called Sucre.

    I'm totally envious that you've been on summer break already, lol. Our last day is Friday, but then I have camp, ugh, so no break for awhile.

    Enjoy your summer!

    Tales From Two Second Grade Classrooms

  2. I definitely love her designs for currently - this one is adorable! I definitely could use a beach vacation as well! Time for some R&R! I hope you reach all of your goals on your bucket list!

  3. I hear ya on #3 on your list. It's about how you feel, not a #. Also glad I saw that you need to wake up early because until I saw that I hadn't set my alarm for summer school preplanning. Doh! That would have been a major fail. Have a great week.
    - Sydney
    Lessons Learned

  4. I need to learn how to sew, I've had a sewing machine, I'm just too chicken to try it out, any beginning tips?
    First Grade Dual