Saturday, January 25, 2014

365 Project

This year I am attempting to take on the 365 Project! This is a way to photograph your every day life and not just the special occasions.  I was aiming on taking a picture every day however this hasn't really happened. I was really good and started early January and then... I stopped. So now putting this out here on bloggy land will hold me more accountable! I really want to make a scrapbook from our first year of marriage and this will be a perfect way to get pictures. So here is the first batch; wish me luck!

1/365 ~ Cupcakes from book club
2/365 - My favorite nook in the house (note the Christmas tree needles on the counter haha!)

3/365 ~ New Moscow Mule cups for the bar cart

4/365 ~ Everything about this is my favorite
5/365 ~ Phoenix sunshine is beautiful
6/365 ~ Random assortment, I'm starting to think that my home decor style is slightly bizarre

7/365 ~ The crafting never stops; artsy not so fartsy
8/365 ~ Snuggly chihuahua

9/365 ~ Birthday flowers <3

10/365 ~ Fly assassin
Have any of you ever tried this? I would love to hear about it if you have. I am afraid I will run out of inspiration. If any of you want to tackle this project with me, let me know!


  1. I love that you are doing this!! Last year I did something similar and I got a friend involved on the fun! I called the project "Common: 52 Weeks" basically every week we photographed something that was so familiar in our every day lives, things we often ignore/bypass. Our intention was to capture the subject in a unique and thought provoking way. I then created a diptych of our images and eventually made a little book out of them. We came up with a list of 52 random objects/ideas (time, light, fork, etc.) and assigned them to each week in the year. We never discussed before hand what or how we were going to photograph the image. It was so neat to see similarities or the differences in how/what we photographed. We didn't think we could make it a whole year, but we did! This year I was thinking of doing a photo project and taking a photo every day for a year at the same time. Thought it would be neat to document that. Sorry for the long comment!

    Fifth Grade Wit and

    1. I love the Common: 52 Weeks idea! That is such a great idea! Thanks for sharing it. I have really enjoyed the 365 Project so far. It has allowed me to be more creative with my photography. You should definitely start it up. If you want, we could do something together with it. Email me if you are interested and we can brainstorm if you want. :) My email is Love your blog by the way! I'm your newest follower on Bloglovin'.

    2. I'd love to do a photo project together! I will email sometime this week and in the meantime I will try and think of some ideas. Thanks...I need to start posting again...I got so busy during winter break and these first few weeks back at school. :) Talk to ya soon.