Thursday, January 16, 2014

Honeymoon - Still on the Road Day 5

Yowza, do you know how long it takes to get from San Francisco to Portland? It's a haul! Mind you, I am probably the world's worst trip planner so I made this a lot more difficult for us than it needed to be. Also to justify our lengthened road trip, remember, I make George stop the car a lot for my picture habit. :) We left from Crescent City, CA and started our journey into Oregon. The second we entered Oregon, I fell in love. Do any of you live there? I am completely obsessed and want to go back over and over again. We stopped along the way in Eugene, Oregon to pick up some Voodoo Donuts because you just have to and then got stuck in some miserable traffic. See more about that below.

OK so around this place (somewhere in between Eugene and Portland), we got stuck. And by stuck, I mean monstrous traffic. Like we didn't move for hours. 

So now things are about to get a little weird... To pass the time we decided to participate in a little Zoolander modeling game. To be honest, we were a little loopy from being cooped up in the car for so long. Don't judge us. I wasn't thinking of adding these in, but they are just little gems that I couldn't help but add in. :)

Blue Steel:
 Sheer Joy!:
 Claw hand scariness?:
 Heather, I am done playing this game:

Finally we got into Portland that night, crashed at our hotel, and waited to the sun to rise for our new adventures. :)

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