Sunday, January 12, 2014

Honeymoon - San Fran Day 1

I am just now getting to downloading our pictures from our honeymoon. Slacker! It's hard to remember to download your pictures, I need to come up with a good routine so that I can save my pictures more regularly.

George and I had so much fun on our honeymoon! We went to San Francisco first and then drove up to Portland, Oregon. It was filled with food, fun, and ultimate touristy destinations.  You will have to prepare yourself for the excessive pictures. I use this as a scrapbooking/memory website more than anything so I want these to remember since I have a horrendous memory.

The first day on our honeymoon, we flew into San Francisco earlyish in the morning and then headed to our hotel, The Cartwright Hotel, to drop our stuff off. We decided that we would walk to Fisherman's Wharf to enjoy some chowder in bread bowls! Little did we know that when our phones say that its only a mile and a half to walk there that it would be completely uphill the whole way. Holy cow, did we earn those bread bowls, those are the STEEPEST hills I have ever seen. The Boudin Bakery is where we indulged in our bread bowls and then took a tour of their sourdough bread museum which was actually more interesting than it sounds.
Then we went to a penny arcade museum down at the wharf that was a total tourist trap but was fun to take pictures in and play around. Plus we got a photo strip taken which let's face it that's always festive!  I would like to go back right now and enjoy this all over again. :)

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