Thursday, January 23, 2014

Etsy Finds for the Wedding

If I could write a poem to Etsy it would go something like this...

Oh Etsy, I love you
I think I love you more than fondue

OK, well I never claimed to be a poet. Here are some of the Etsy purchases that I bought for the wedding along with their sources just in case you are interested in purchasing some of them.

Robes to get ready in - these also double as my bridesmaid gifts. A different color for every girl. The best part about these is that you can adjust anything and make them totally custom with the seller. I made our sleeves 3/4 length just because in Phoenix it is necessary.  Get them here from BridesmaidsRobes.

The ring bearer was wearing a jaunty little outfit from RockingHorseLane.

The corsages for the mother and grandmothers were from SpringDews

We got these super cute banners from FunCult. She was able to make it custom for us as well and was really easy to work with. 

There are so many creative cake toppers these days. I found these and fell in love. I loved that Clootielugs let me pick the colors and the accessories of the sweet little birds. Note the donut that has fallen off of the cake, haha!

I loved these library cards for place settings that I bought from KNOT & BOW. They were absolutely adorable and I received a lot of compliments. It also doesn't hurt that it fits with the whole teacher thing that I've got going on, you know since I'm a teacher... get it ? Get it? ;)

I bought my headband from PowderBlueBijoux. I wanted something with a little bit of bling, but not overdoing it. I like that it tied in the back making it a little dainty and feminine. 

I bought my veil from LoBoheme. I absolutely loved this veil and wish I would've been able to wear it longer. It kept smushing down my bangs. :(

And finally last but not least, I bought this vintage yellow travel suitcase from journeyspast for the guestbook setup. 

I love everything I bought from Etsy! What's your favorite thing you have bought from Etsy?

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