Friday, January 17, 2014

Honeymoon - Portland Day 6

This day took place on Thanksgiving day! While everyone woke up early to get started cooking, cleaning, and stressing about dried out turkey breasts, this is how I started out my morning...

What an incredible day to visit a new city! Truth be told, I was really sad that we weren't with either of our families, but because everyone else was with their families warm in their homes, we felt like the city was ours! It felt like it was literally us and the homeless people. We took a stroll around town and took in the absolute beauty that is Portland. We just fell in love...

Because it was Thanksgiving, there wasn't exactly a plethora of stores/restaurants open. Luckily after walking for a really long time we finally spied a pizza place that was open! Hallelujiah! We could eat vegan pizza and drink coca cola in glass bottles until our hearts' content. Next door, Powell's Bookstore was there in its huge and gleaming glory open to the public.  This is the biggest bookstore that I have ever been too; floors upon floors of books, gifts, stationary, and everything and anything Portland themed. It's a must see!

Thankfully we were able to find a place open for Thanksgiving dinner thanks to our fancy schmancy hotel's concierge. It was called The Original - it was really fun, it was like an amped up TV dinner from the 50's. It made my little heart skip a beat because I don't like my food to touch and separated out dishes kind of make me a little giddy. Don't ask.

Our honeymoon was quickly coming to a close, back to reality soon. One more full day in Portland and then on our way back to Phoenix. :(  Stay tuned for the details from our last full honeymoon day!

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