Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Favorite Vintage Finds

I love vintage shopping - it feeds my soul and is totally therapeutic. The things that I am drawn to are totally random. I used to feel like I could only choose things from one era, but then I got over that and just bought things that made me happy.

I love vintage shopping because the items are unique. You can't find them mass produced in chain stores on Black Friday. It adds character and a homeyness to your abode in my opinion. I also like to wonder about the previous owners of the items, what their stories are and what their lives were like. I am a little picky because I really only like to buy vintage items that I can actually use.

It was really hard to pick only a few of my favorites! I might have to do a part two because I love all of my treasures.

Here's just a few...

A white duck wall hook - this just adds to my faux taxidermy love.

Salt and pepper shakers made from vintage lightbulbs.

Vintage calendar flipper day thingy - haha that's the technical term. I love the sweet little birds at the top.

Vintage pink glass juicer - a lot of you are probably sitting there going, yeah, big deal it's a juicer. I just love the pink glass; it's so feminine and beautiful.

This is my newest find! It's a three tiered tray for entertaining or cute storage. I absolutely loved the diamond handle at the top and the beautiful black and white pattern. Black and white patterns make my heart pitter patter these days.

I turned vintage princess bowls into cacti and succulent planters for my wedding centerpieces. I searched for months for reasonably priced princess bowls at antique stores leading up to the wedding. I gave away centerpieces at the wedding but kept two of them for my memories. These will always hold a special place in my heart. I'll post about my adventures with those at a later date.

I hope you all enjoyed my vintage treasures! Do you like to go vintage shopping? What are some of your favorite finds?


  1. I use a juicer to hold my bracelets on my dresser:). Love the tiered serving plates!

    1. That's a genius idea to use them as bracelet holder! Now I'm going to have to do that and buy another juicer, darn. ;)