Monday, May 12, 2014

End of School Countdown Day 10 - Coffee

How I love thee.  

I understand everyone may not appreciate this post because not everyone likes coffee. My husband hates it and I have been perhaps a little persistent (aka downright forceful) at trying to get him to like it. I have this fantasy that when we are old and retired we will drink coffee together in the mornings in our rocking chairs out on our fabulous porch. And that fantasy just gets ruined if he is drinking a soda! But I digress, back to the topic at hand. :)

I don't know about you all, but there are some mornings that I just want iced coffee. Especially here in Phoenix, it gets so toasty the last thing you want to do is cuddle up to a nice mug of hot joe.  Iced coffee is such a pain because if you pour hot coffee over ice, it just gets all watered down and then you have this weird cold, watery, burnt tasting coffee. Yum...

I saw on a blog the idea to make iced coffee overnight in your french press and it is AMAZING and totally works.

The night before when you are getting ready for the next day, put however much coffee you would normally use in your french press with however much water you would normally use on top of that. I usually pour in two cups of water and add in 4 heaping tablespoons to that.  That might be a lot or too little, everyone is a little different about how much coffee they put in their machine.  

Ignore my messy fridge.
Stir together and push the lever down, just to the liquid level and then stow away in your fridge over night. The next morning, push down the lever into that dark mud liquid gold and that my friends is the best iced coffee you are ever going to make at home.  I usually just add milk or half and half at this point and enjoy!

A little variation that I have done in the past is to add like 2 tablespoons of brown sugar and part of a cinnamon stick (2 inch piece) to the coffee liquid the night before and that's delicious! More of a special occasion iced coffee.

If you love sweetened coffee but want a more natural sweetener, you can mix a little maple syrup into your milk or half and half.  Swirl them together in the glass first and then add your iced coffee and that is super delicious too.  

Have you all ever tried this? If you don't own a french press and are a coffee fan, you should definitely make thine way to a store nearest you to purchase one.  They are amazing!  I hope some of you can use this "recipe" and share any variations that you discover with all of us! 

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