Monday, May 26, 2014

Desk Makeover and a Surprise!

Oopsies on the countdown! I should've known better than to do a blogging extravaganza during the last week of school. I always forget how much there is to do until you are in the midst of it year after year. To celebrate being on summer break, I decided to do a little desk makeover that I have been wanting to do for a really really REALLY long time!

This desk (we'll name her Penelope) has been in my family for years. My parents gave her to us to have in our home a little before we got married. I used this secretary's desk when I was younger to do my homework on and she has definitely been loved by our family.  Unfortunately, because she has been in so many moves, she has definitely seen better days. I don't know if you can see very well, but the legs are especially scuffed up.  Penelope had some serious nicks and scrapes and even thought I loved the beautiful stained wood, it was a little beyond repair.

Here is the makeover...

Ahhh - there we go, that's better.  I know I am not the first person on the planet to paint a piece of furniture, so it hardly seems blog worthy however I feel like it is such a transformation that I had to share. To be honest, this bad boy was quite a labor of love.

We had to...

1.  Sand it.
2.  Sand it again.
3. Wipe it down.
4. Dang it, sand it again.
5. Prime it - it turns into a gross pink because of the stain. George suggests we keep it that way... we move on quickly after that suggestion.
6. Paint it.
7. Paint it again.
8. Paint it for a 3rd time.  Let it dry for a day.
9. Put on the knobs and move it into its special place admiring your handiwork. What? The drawers don't open and close with ease anymore because of the paint? Eh, deal with that another day.

I got the knobs from World Market and they make the desk fancy.

The color is called Icy Mint in Valspar's Paint and Primer in One (semi-gloss) from Lowe's.

The color makes me happy and totally transforms the room.

In other news and slightly random - I'm on the cover of a magazine! Bet you didn't know you were reading a cover girl's blog post! It's kind of silly, but that doesn't mean I can't pretend to be a celebrity. So weird though, no one has offered to give me freebies - I even had to buy my own dang magazine! Haha!



  1. Love the desk makeover! And, congrats on the magazine cover. How cool!

    1. Thanks Sarah! I think I will carry it around in my purse and let it casually fall out at convenient times. Like an "oh my magazine!" type of moment if the Starbucks line is too long, I didn't get a refill on my iced tea, or I am trying to impress someone. Haha! Just kidding!

  2. Easy, breezy, beautiful Cover Girl! I love it! The desk, the magazine, and you are all gorgeous! I adore the icy mint shade. It is rude of me to say I think the star is the spectacular globe sitting on top? I'm obsessed with the colors! Love, love, love.
    Short and Sassy Teacher

    1. Haha! Thanks Erin - you are always so sweet and make my day! The globe is my favorite too - it is supposedly "vintage" but I think it's probably from the 90's, which of course would clearly make it an antique! ;) Haha!

  3. Love it! You're a celebrity! Love the desk and especially the typewriter. I collect typewriters :)

    1. Thanks Stephanie! I have been wanting one for so long and finally purchased one at a vintage market a few weeks ago. I am so excited to have one to add to our home! :)