Saturday, May 3, 2014

Choice Menus

Who doesn't love choices? I'll take the tart frozen yogurt with strawberries, kiwi, raspberries, and yogurt chips, please! Oh heck, why not throw a frosted animal cracker on there while you're at it - it's too healthy as it is now! You know you have done this; half the reason why we love those frozen yogurt self serve places is because of all of the choices! Kids are the same way too, the more choices you give them, the better off everyone is! 

This idea came to me via a professional development that one of our instructional coaches presented to us.  I did this for our state testing writing part to help out the Language Arts teacher. In order to cover as much material for them as possible, I had them choose a variety of tasks to complete while I conferenced with students about their writing. Normally I would do this more as a "fast finisher" activity or for those gifted students who need more stimulation. :)

I filled out the following form with activities that I wanted them to complete.  I assigned how many I wanted them to complete and what day I wanted it done by.  The link to download this template is at the bottom of the post.

Then I created a system so that the papers were organized and easily accessible for my students. I have these cubbies in my classroom which are nifty, but kind of useless in middle school. Finally it hit me that I could be using them for this instead of just textbook storage!! Duh!

If you don't have nifty difty cubbies, you could always use plastic trays to organize the assignments.

I made signs for the different menu options as well as numbers for the different assignments within those categories. I also laminated these signs because they are in a heavy traffic zone.

This has been a great tool in my classroom and I hope it can be in yours as well. You can really customize it to any subject area or ability level!

Want to download the free goodies???

Click the pictures below to download the TWO different freebies!

Let me know if you plan on using these and how it works out in your classroom. Enjoy!

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