Friday, February 7, 2014

Weekly Happiness

It's Friday! Yay!!  Here are my top 5 from the week...

1.  Tomorrow is my husband's birthday! It still feels so weird to say "husband" even though we have been married for 3 months. We are having a pretty low key and quiet birthday this year, but it will be fun and perfect no matter what we do because we will be together.

2. Yesterday was my sister's birthday! This is the week of birthdays apparently. My sister is my best friend and such a wonderful person! I am so sad that she lives so far away and that I was unable to spend the day with her. We will just have to make up for lost time when I go to visit her next month in D.C.

3. I ate at the most amazing restaurant last night with my dear friend Cindy. It was soooo good! If any of you live in the Phoenix area you need to check out Liberty Market. And if you don't live in Phoenix, you should probably come visit just to eat there. Totally worth it.

4. I was in a training for two days this week about interactive ways to teach algebra to your students. It was fascinating! I learned so many things, but I think my favorite was learning how to use algebra tiles affectively. Have you ever used those? I feel like I have been living under a rock because I didn't even know they existed until yesterday. I will have to post something about them at a later date because they are a-mazing.

5. I got the cutest affirmation today on my desk when I got back to school from my two day training. It was so sweet and simple, but really touched my heart. Isn't it amazing that when you need it the most, your students show you their love for you and it makes everything worth it. :)

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