Saturday, February 8, 2014

365 Project

I'm loving this project! It's starting to become a little difficult, but it has been so nice to take pictures of these little moments that I would normally overlook. I can't wait to compile all of these in a scrapbook at the end of the year.

23/365 - Laundry never ends
24/365 - Liberty Market in Gilbert, AZ
25/365 - Plaid chihuahua
26/365 - New record, makes cleaning the kitchen a little more enjoyable 
27/365 - The only plants I can keep alive
28/365 - George's Birthday :)
29/365 - Massive Gummy Bear!!
30/365 - Gum balls are so cheerful and pretty


  1. Love the photos!! Especially the shot of Liberty Market and the pup/plaid. Lana Del Rey on record, nice!

    Fifth Grade Wit and

  2. Thanks Chelsea! :) Those two are my favorite two! Thank goodness for dogs, they are often my photography subjects, haha!

    1. Oh geez, I made a typo... I meant "those two are my favorite too!" Clearly I have not had enough coffee this morning yet.