Saturday, February 1, 2014

Birthday Board Revisited

Remember this post about my 6th graders' birthday board dilemma? I realized that I never took a picture of the final product!  Sometimes I think I should quit my job just to blog but then I wouldn't have an income so that could be an issue.

I was trying to recreate this board that I saw from Pinterest from Erica Bohrer's First Grade, but wanted to include the whole grade level since our 6th graders switch classrooms. That way it could also function as a year round bulletin board and what teacher doesn't want that??

Here is the end result!

I grouped all the students in the grade level according to their birthday months and took a group picture with them holding these number signs.

I then stapled up my special birthday plates that I made earlier during the summer and printed off the months in different colored card stock.

The border is just different ribbons stapled in a random criss-cross pattern done by one of our wonderful volunteer parents last year. It was too creative and adorable to take down!

I backed all of the pictures with cute scrapbooking paper.  I feel so horrible putting these black circles all over my students' adorable faces!

This board makes me smile every time I walk by it, not to mention the students love to see their pictures up on the board. They are always letting me know if someone's birthday is coming up which is helpful since I have the worst memory. :)

I hope some of you can use this idea for your own hallways!

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