Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Snapshots from Home

I am continuing my 365 project. This is more challenging than I thought, but I am loving capturing small unnoticed moments that we wouldn't normally photograph.

11/365 - My friend Stephanie and I at dinner at the Welcome Diner 
12/365 - Moscow Mule self portrait
13/365 - Waiting in the car for George to be done with a Game Stop "emergency"
14/365 - Olive is my sugar lamb, sweetest puppy 
15/365 - Scrapbooking adventures
16/365 - Driving together, clearly we need lotion
17/365 - Little Shop of Horrors plant
18/365 - My Jadeite collection makes me happy when I open my cabinets

19/365 - George's birthday present from my sister <3 
20/365 - Amen.

21/365 - Chihuahuas will do anything when a treat is dangled in front of them
22/365 - Sunday morning (Chihuahua photo bomb)

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