Sunday, February 9, 2014

Cheapest Wedding Bouquets EVER

I was on a budget bonanza for my wedding! When I got bids for the flowers I swear I almost peed my pants out of sheer shock.
Ummm, $300 for my bouquet alone?! Are the flowers plated in gold? That was the cheapest quote that I got from recommended florists.

No offense to any one who does or has had professional florists prepare flowers at their wedding; they are absolutely beautiful and mine at the wedding were no where near the quality or caliber that a professional florist would be able to produce. Florals just weren't where I wanted my money going to... Food, yes. Photography, yes. Florals, eh.

I had been on Pinterest researching how to make your own bouquets and found that I was not alone in this search for a cheaper alternative. There were a ton of tutorials on how to turn grocery store flowers into flower arrangements so I figured, well, couldn't you do that for a bouquet?

And then my $30ish flower bouquets were born.

My flowers all came from Trader Joe's. They are such a good deal and so beautiful!

Since one of my colors was mustard yellow I knew that I wanted sunflowers in my bridal bouquet. My bridesmaid and friend Stephanie was able to combine a perfect combination of white and yellow. Both my sister and I used part of our mother's wedding dress for our wedding bouquets. My sister wrapped the lace around her bouquet tightly, but I chose to keep the ends long and free on mine for a more bohemian look.

My bridesmaids and I made our bouquets the night before the wedding. It was such a fun way to bond and relax before the big day. Each girl made their own bouquet so it was unique to them. They wrapped their bouquets with green floral tape and then with white crocheted ribbon from Hobby Lobby. We secured them with pins and hot glue. 

I love the way that they turned out. The bouquets look great with the girls' yellow dresses but also tie into my bouquet so beautifully.

Would you ever or did you make your own bouquets for your wedding? I ended up saving over $1000 on flowers! Trader Joe's is the way to go! (Rhyming seemed necessary to send my point home...)


  1. Beautiful photos! I hear ya with the cost of flowers and pretty much anything that has to do with a wedding. I had a fall wedding, 6 years ago and we made everything ourselves including the bouquets. I was shocked by what they wanted to charge me for all the flowers! I purchased the flowers bulk at a flower market. I even made the flowers for the centerpieces...used mason jars and ribbon. I hope you post some more wedding photos! Congrats and your wedding.


    1. Oh that was a really good idea to order the flowers bulk at a flower market! I did my own centerpieces too with cacti and succulents. Wedding prices are outrageous. It's like the second you say wedding they jack the price up!

  2. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! I've had friends who've put together their own flowers as well, they've all turned out lovely. I'm in LOVE with the use of your mom's wedding dress on the bouquet- great idea!
    Short and Sassy Teacher

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  4. Oh, that’s good to hear from you! A simple wedding bouquet that only has a little appearance to your big day doesn't have to be costly, even though it can be one of the wedding superstars. Flowers will wither anyway. I’m glad that you did a research to find cheap, yet beautiful flowers for your wedding. Best wishes!

    Nan Blume

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