Saturday, February 22, 2014

Sweetest Gift You Can Give

Happy Saturday! A friend emailed this out at work yesterday and I just couldn't help but share it first before I started my blog post. Haha, I busted a gut because this is so true. 

Moving on from my little random side moment there.  One of my friends just had a baby on Valentine's Day.  A baby girl born on Valentine's Day; isn't that the cutest thing?! I wanted to do something for them, but wasn't sure what would make the most impact for them. Enter: Food Tidings.

On this website you can schedule meals to be delivered to the families who are in a position that food should be the last thing they are thinking about (newborn babies, loss of a loved one, etc.) It's so easy! You just create a free account and then start setting up the family's information.

I did contact the family that I was wanting to do this for and we decided that instead of people delivering a certain time every day, they could text the new mama and double check to see what time would be best for dropping off the meals.

When you are all done, they ask you to invite people via email to the page. I unfortunately didn't have too many people's email addresses, so I put it on Facebook and tagged the new parents on it so their friends who I don't know very well could participate in it as well.

When they click on the link, a calendar will pop up which makes it really easy to see what days have already been taken. It also has you type in what you are bringing to them so that the gifters and receivers are aware. I still need to get way more people to sign up! Come on people! I guess I am going to have to start getting persistent... :)

Have any of your ever used this website or had a friend or family member set up some kind meal delivery system for you?  

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