Saturday, June 22, 2013

Toothpick Holders

Good morning, everyone!

If you caught my last blog post, you know that I am in Austin with my parents in their newly moved in house. I have been helping them unpack and decided to tackle the dreaded toothpick holder collection.

BACKSTORY: My great grandmother started this collection many, many years ago. Why toothpick holders? I have no idea! But now this collection has been passed down to my mom. It is pretty cool and when they are all wrapped up nice and pretty in a cabinet, it just becomes an eclectic piece of furniture. There are hundreds of them, and I mean HUNDREDS.

Here was the cabinet before:

During: I have everything under control... Right?

A significant amount of time later.... Whew, done!

Throughout this journey, I actually got attached to the nuggets. They are pretty cool and definitely have a personality of their own.  I have a little plan involving them for my wedding that I will let you all in on later if I decide to go with it.  I hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend!

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