Thursday, April 24, 2014

State Testing Bulletin Board Idea

Don't you just love state testing?? The stress, the pressure, ah, just exhilarating! We just finished up our state testing a week ago and I am SOO glad it is over.
This is a little bulletin board that we whipped up last year and reused this year.  It looked a lot cuter last year because it got a little torn while being stored (note the sad little plate corner on the bottom left hand side).
You could easily recreate this, all you need is some butcher paper, die cut letters, aluminum foil, cotton batting, and some will power.

This has also been hung crookedly. Look past all of the imperfections. :)  Our parent volunteer made this for us last year and I love how huge it is. The kids were so excited to see it up and some of them had remembered it from last year.

On the fork is our team's last names which I thought was such a cute touch.

The cotton batting is just glued on to the butcher paper for a 3D effect of the whipped cream.

Last year, we made sprinkles and had each kid write a test taking strategy on one. So in the end, the top of the cake, whipped cream, and plate were all covered with words of wisdom. Some examples were like "eat a healthy breakfast the morning of the test" or "skip a question if you are stuck and come back to it later". It was really cute. I wish we had the time this year to have done that so I could have a picture for you.

Below is a template you can use for the sprinkles, however, I would recommend cutting them out of a cutting machine (like a Cricut or a Silhouette Cameo) other wise you (or your students) might be cutting for days depending on how many students you have. They are pretty big "sprinkles" but you have to remember that your cake should be HUGE! The bigger the better!

Click here to download the free sprinkles template.

What do you do to motivate your students for state testing? I hope you all can use and enjoy this idea!

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  1. Super cute bulletin board!! Yay for parent volunteers!

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