Friday, April 18, 2014

Cute Teacher Gift

I am so lucky to teach in a wonderful community where the parents are very supportive and generous.  I have worked at a Title 1 school for many years previously, so I know how good I have it; trust me! My teaching partner got the cutest gift at the beginning of the year and of course I am just now getting around to share it (impressive, I know).

**Sorry in advance for the blurry phone photos.**

My teacher friend was gifted with this at the beginning of the year.  It's definitely was bought like this, but you could always take any glass jar, hot glue it to a cheap candlestick holder from a thrift store, spray paint it, and add a knob. Super easy! It came with candy, kind of basic, but just wait until you see what the parent does from holiday to holiday.

Every holiday, the parent sends in themed candy, a ribbon, and another decorative item to hang from the jar.  The ribbon and decorative item (if included) gets tied on the knob at the top and the candy goes in the jar.

On Halloween, she got this cute ribbon, the "EEK" sign, and Halloween candy (not pictured because, yeah, I am sure you can assume what happened with that...)

On Valentine's Day, she got these M&M's to put into her jar along with the heart ribbon.

What is so cool about this is that it really keep you guessing for what you will get every holiday and is very versatile.  This candy jar always looks so cute on display in my friend's classroom.  What do you think? I was hoping to do this over the summer and oomph it up a little and post about it. We'll see if that actually gets accomplished! Haha! Have a wonderful weekend!


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    1. Thanks Sherrie! I wish I could pretend I thought of and created it, haha!

  2. That is really a cute gift! I love that idea!
    Short and Sassy Teacher

  3. Such a fun idea! I love that the parent send refill candies and ribbons every month! So thoughtful.
    Fifth Grade Wit and