Friday, April 25, 2014

Five for Friday

I am so so SO happy it is Friday! This week felt so long and I am pretty sure all weeks will until the end of school. Only 20 more school days left, people!

***Side Note: To be honest, this group that I have this year is so wonderful. They are my little sugar plums. I will probably be crying buckets on the last day of school.

Here are my top 5 from this week:::::

George and I ate at a waffle food truck last night. It was incredible. I can not even tell you all how amazing it is. I try not to eat sweets that often so this was in pretty rare form for me and I was definitely going to document it.  George got something called the Scoop and I got something called the Mellow.  If any of you live in Phoenix, you have to check out the Waffle Crush food truck.

I finally put up my gallery wall in my living room. It's not done yet; I still have a few more things to hang, but I am so happy that these frames are on the wall finally and not on the *ahem* floor collecting dust.

I went DSW and fell in love.  These shoes are perfect and make me smile! They don't make my feet smile yet though, but they'll come around.

We finished up our Reading AZAC tests this week and our kids rocked it! We take ours on the computers so the kids can see their score immediately which is a huge motivator for them. I love seeing how excited they get and celebrating with them. One kid almost moved me to tears he was so happy with himself and his progress.

I get to hang out with these cutie pies all weekend and nothing is better than that. :)

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  1. That waffle looks scrumptious and I adore your gallery wall! The color of that globe is GORGEOUS.
    I'm envious you only have 20 days left...we don't end until June 11th. Sigh...
    Short and Sassy Teacher