Sunday, April 27, 2014

A Year of Sundays

I can't believe that Chelsea and I have been doing this project since February and it is almost May! Remember, this photography project got started because Chelsea from 5th Grade Wit and Whimsy and I both shared a love for photography. We both love to capture small moments that get easily overlooked otherwise.  We never discuss the photographs ahead of time and our only guidelines is that it has to be taken on a Sunday.  I love this project because as I am looking through our older pictures, I know exactly what I was doing that day even though it was months ago.  If I wasn't taking pictures, I would lose many of these memories just due to our daily grind and distractions. My pictures are always on the left and Chelsea's are always on the right. :)

Sunday, April 13th:
Donuts and Poppies

Sunday, April 20th:
Easter Eggs and Frozen Yogurt

Sunday, April 27th:
Sneaky Bird and Doggie Blanket

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  1. Ooh, I LOVE the titles "sneaky bird" and "doggie blanket"! I think the titles add a neat little touch to the photos! Enjoy the rest of your week!