Monday, July 29, 2013

White Deer Head - Fake Out

I have been pining over these white animal heads for a while now. Am I a hunter? No. Do I enjoy taxidermy? No, not particularly. So why do I like these? I have no idea, but I am totally in love. The only issue was that I loved this one, but I didn't want to spend $99 on it. Call me cheap, but spending almost $100 on a fake deer head trend wasn't something I was interested in doing.

I saw this really good idea on a blog and for the life of me I can not remember where it was from! If you know, please comment below so I can give them credit.

I went onto Ebay and searched for deer heads until this one came up. When it came in the mail, needless to say it was an exciting day indeed. 

 Luckily, the head and the antlers separate, so it makes it so much easier to spray paint, especially if you paint it two toned like I did. 

I used a white spray paint (no primer needed, but lots of coats!) as well as an antique gold spray paint for the antlers. This ended up being a last minute addition because I happened to have the gold spray paint, but I love the effect. The gold isn't too glitzy or tacky looking, but makes it a little different than all the rest I've seen. All in all the project cost me less than half what it would have been already done.  This one is cool too, but I am not even going to pretend like I know how to DIY that!

Would this be something you would ever do?

Don't forget to link up with Monday Made-It so I can steal your ideas too and not give you credit for it, just kidding!!! ;)

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