Tuesday, June 16, 2015

While I Was Housesitting...

I have been housesitting over the past week(ish). I love housesitting for people! First of all, it feels like a staycation. Am I right? Think about it  - you are in a new environment, you don't have a lot of the responsibility that you do at your own house, you can eat what you want, sleep in, read, and have some alone time!
My friend went out of town and it worked out perfectly that she needed someone to watch the dog and I needed some much needed alone time.  Today is my last day so I thought I would update you all on my fantastically not so active week(ish).

I read... a lot. And it was glorious.
All of them were great, but I am taking so long on Outlander. I can't seem to get into it - am I the only one? Everyone seems to love it. What gives?

I perfected the art of making Pita Pizzas from 100 Days of Read Food.

I swam many many times. Did I mention I live in Phoenix and it's was 115 degrees today?!  The second I get to this house from teaching summer school I practically go straight from the garage to the pool.

I found the perfect solution to being a coffee drinker staying in a non-coffee drinker's house. It is so delicious! Good ole Trader Joe's.

I watched an entire season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix. Why haven't I seen this sooner?

I know nothing here is Earth shattering, but they all made me happy! What would you do if you were housesitting?

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