Saturday, February 14, 2015

Walls Need Love Too

I love moving things around in my home and making them look new without actually going out to buy anything! Who doesn't love to shop their house?  I have been bugging George to make me these shelves for a really long time, but honestly I am not sure what I was thinking...

A.  We are not handy with power tools
B.  That would've been a whole lot of wood going on in a house that's already filled with wood         floors and wood cabinets 
C.  We are not wood workers and I enjoy having all 10 fingers

So I decided that these shelves would be a good alternative and they are pretty reasonably priced considering how much weight they hold.  Warning: You do have to screw about 36 holes in your wall so if you are squeamish about dry wall demolition, you may want to consider another route.

I love the new look and how bright and colorful it is now.

I filled them with some of my vintage treasures as well as some newer items that I have picked up and of course plants... because green always makes everything better. 


I tried to follow these guidelines when I planned out my shelves and what you are seeing is probably the 3rd or 4th version.  I stuck with blues, greens, oranges, and golds. That sounds like a wide range of colors, but I used orange citrus trees as my inspiration. Here in Phoenix, the bark of some citrus trees is painted white to protect it from sun burn.  The bark of citrus trees is very thin and if you don't use the paint, the tree could end up looking more like a bush because the tree will start growing leaves at the trunk to try to shade itself from the sun. Here's a less than stellar example...

So you can see on my shelves, I tried to replicate that same color palette.

I also added a few handmade touches - I added gold glitter to the antler and the felt wreath was made by TheFeltFlowerShop on Etsy. <3

Using different heights, colors, and textures makes this hodgepodge of items feel somewhat organized and put together.  I love it! It's hard to capture in pictures the full effect just because the shelves are so large, but hopefully you have gotten the overall idea.  If something is in your house that makes you smile when you look at it then it's a success, even if it's not perfect or everyone's cup of tea.  :) 

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