Sunday, February 1, 2015

Craigslist Coffee Table REDO

Is anybody else a Craigslist nut out there?

You know you are on Craigslist too often when you search for a category and you recognize things on repeat from your last virtual visit.  Some might call it a problem, I prefer to think of it as a talent.

One lovely lonely coffee table kept popping up every time I searched for midcentury tables.  George and I decided to venture out to the east side of town to see the table.  When we saw it I knew I wanted it immediately - it was substantial but not clunky looking.  It needed A LOT of tender loving care though; the Phoenix sun had not been kind to it and it was completely sun warped.

I paid the nice lady who made us eat the mystery citrus from her tree and went on our merry way home to our little condo, coffee table in tow.

The legs were almost white because the wood was so dry and sun bleached.  George went to work on sanding down the table and staining it.

Once we got our pretty couch delivered from West Elm (all hail West Elm!), we were able to move our finished coffee table into the living room.

I love how it looks, but the only issue was the woven rattan screens were still super sun bleached and didn't look so clean and nice looking.  See below and try not to shudder like I do every time I look at this incredibly up close. Zoom should be illegal...

I decided to paint the wooden weavings an antique gold color. I know, I know, before any one starts lecturing me about painting vintage furniture, I know I "shouldn't" paint it.  Simmer down - it's going to be okay, I promise.

It was super simple and took me about an hour to do one Sunday morning.  First I cleaned up the screens...

Then I taped off the table so that I wouldn't ruin George's handiwork.

 Finally, I painted away! It took me several coats, but they dried relatively quickly so it wasn't the most painful thing I have ever endured.

I love the final result!  It's definitely not super noticeable but it has given new life to this 1950's coffee table. It's not perfect, but it's charming and has a story about it and that's what I love.

Disclaimer: I know the photography skills on this post are not stellar. My beloved camera is on the fritz and getting fixed right now in California (at least someone is having a little vacation!).  My phone is getting a work out in the meantime, but I am definitely missing my little camera and the high quality pictures it takes. One day we shall reunite!

What do you guys think about the coffee table? Have you ever given a Craigslist piece of furniture  a new lease on life?


  1. Heather, I absolutely LOVE it! What a terrific find and a great way to save a piece that may not have been loved otherwise. And if it's between painting a vintage piece or constantly living with the obsession because you aren't happy with it... I say paint it! And what a great result!