Thursday, August 7, 2014

Beginning of School Year Gift

Pinterest has the cutest ideas EVER for beginning of the school year gifts. Does anyone remember what they did before Pinterest?  I don't even try to think creatively anymore; I just automatically go on Pinterest now before I even activate my brain.

I wanted to make my new teachers a little gift to wish them good luck on their first day with their students!   I used this pin from Pinterest as my inspiration.

All you need to make this is the free printable (available at the bottom of the post), small snack sized ziplock baggies, a paper cutter or scissors, a stapler, and M&Ms. 

I used MEGA M&Ms which I had never seen before and those were a big hit because they are so huge! I have pretzel M&Ms pictured below however because I ran out and had to use my back up stash for the example. #bloggerproblems

Just cut out your printable after you add text to add your message on the back. Don't forget to rotate it  so that the message is readable and the right side up when you fold it!

Fold your message in half so that you have a tent and fill your baggie up with the candies. Slip the tented message over the top of the ziplock baggie, staple it in place, and then you are good to go. Super simple!

It took me about an hour to make over 20 of these baggies from start to finish (including designing the note!) so once you get your system down it goes pretty quickly!

I am having a few technical difficulties with this printable. I know you need to open it in Power Point so you can edit your own message on the other side of the note (see my example above).  If I give you a link to a PDF, you can add text to it, but not rotate it which is required when you do a ziplock bag topper like this.  Hopefully the font carries over when you open this Power Point template, but if it doesn't let me know via email or comment OR download the fun FREE font called Pacifico. :)
Click the picture below to download the potential tricky freebie.

I hope you are able to use this in your classroom and that the freebie actually works, haha!  Have a wonderful first day of school if you haven't started already and if you have I hope you had the best first day possible. :)

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  1. So so so cute! Just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Liebster Award on my blog! Happy back-to-school!!!