Wednesday, January 30, 2013

News and a Promise

I'm home sick today so I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to update the little ole blog here since she's been so neglected.

I got engaged on New Year's Day! Amid the engagement blissful "honeymoon stage", I am starting to feel the pressures of wedding planning weighing down on my shoulders. I feel like already my mind is pulled in so many directions, not because of anyone or anything, but mostly because I am having such a hard making a decision on what kind of wedding I want to have! I'll post more about that later.

This promise is more for myself, but I have got to blog more. I feel like my teaching has gotten so dull and because of that, I don't want to blog as often. Because I am not blogging, I have no desire to spice up my teaching. It's just a pickle.

Twist on the Site:
Instead of just posting about teaching all the time, I am going to try to post about other parts of my life. Because I got engaged, G and I are both trying to lose some significant weight and get healthy. It is important for both of us to be around for a while together. :) I will be posting some recipes, reviews, and tips every now and then.

Lots of Love,

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  1. Yay - love the update and can't wait to hear about the other stuff on your future posts!!