Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Classroom Photos

  It's Tuesday! That means that it is share your classroom photos day on TBA's Open House Week.

Here are a few photos of my classroom.
Disclaimer: Sorry about the quality of the photos, they are not the best.
Double Disclaimer: I should probably learn how to use my camera.

In case you couldn't really see the Ikea lamp with my stunning photography skills here it is up close. 
It makes me happy! Although moving classrooms this year did some damage on it. Those nice little strands are no longer up straight and strong.

My classroom is always an ever evolving project as the year continues. As I add things I will take pictures. Be sure to click the link above and link up with your own classroom photos.


  1. Your room looks so clean!!!

    I love the IKEA lamp. I just went to IKEA a couple weeks ago for my first time ever (I know, I live under a rock or something, right?) and I was just amazed. I had to resist so much for my classroom!!!

    I am your newest follower too! Happy teaching!
    Fourth Grade Lemonade