Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Supply Tubs

I made these supply tubs for my classroom. I was sick of students accidentally putting my supplies in their backpacks. I had to make sure that if they borrowed my stuff they were held accountable for putting back what they used.  I bought these nifty stack and carry tubs from Target for around $8 a piece.  I love the two compartments and helps keep everything organized and in its place.
I cut out vinyl numbers using my Silhouette Cameo and stuck them onto each bin. Now each row in my classroom has its own bin to use.

I assigned a manager to each bin to ensure that each student in their row, put their supplies back in the bin.  I attached stickable dry erase sheets to each bin so the managers can write their names on them. Because I have three classes rotate through my room, this is very helpful so we know who the managers are in each class.

The mangers get the bins whenever we do anything involving colors, scissors, or glue (which is pretty much everyday). I have already noticed a huge improvement and hopefully this year, I will end the year with more than six scissors. :)

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